I am pleased to announce that Kristin Kowalski Ferragut will join this celebration on July 26th. She is planning to read a poem from The Migrant States. And then there are the brilliant wordsmiths, Jorge Contreras Herrera, Jack Agneta Falk Hirschman, Terence Winch, Mervyn Taylor, Anandan Guyomar Amirthanayagam, Susana H. Case, Katia-Sofia Hakim, Enrique Bernales Albites, Chema Paz Gago, Dick Lourie, Sara Cahill, John Wall Barger. And then Zaira Franco Casillas will sing When The Avocado Season Is Over. And Lafrance Cisco Percussionniste will bring out his tanbours. We are ready to make word music. Don't miss this. On Facebook Live at the page. Or if you want to enter the Zoom room please email me at for the link. In love and poetry . Indran