tells me about silence
about the desire conspired
under our tongue—
fundamental stone
She tells me of
solitary words,
their leaking splatter
& I can’t help
but chase
the fist of petals
gathered like a garden
in your hands
Ocular downpour drenched in your fingers
In the pulse of your
pond’s opening
your skin of pearl
gifts me a twilight
the site
of my fundamental
a forest grove


When the sting
of unrecognition
renders you mute—
Corporeal notes
shape nerve into symphony
Over the edge of semantic blues
la Maestra
begs you
to listen
Like ink that arrives
to blank page               in lettered occupation
The eyes of the written-for
threaten with spillage
A puddle of broken bones fall from the page
like lágrimas

Tonight She is Someone Else, and So Am I  

May the Mermaid Sing!
–Jackie Boyle
Tonight, I hear her voice
and grasp at something beyond
shreds of speech,
something more
like lava
a liquid-coal cloak
gushing open my skin
Leaking records—
the graves
of un-classified experience
Tucked in the waves of sound
something else
catches my breath;
That is, returns me to
scenes of my past breathlessness:
When the lines of my interior
gutted me
How the shape of dissolution casts the most perfect mold—
A chance to contain, then release
I want to begin here,
from the rivets
I want to say
on this day in November
I rescued the words
from their lung cage,
sprung them out into air,
into singing

Ximena Keogh Serrano was born in the middle of the Earth—in Quito, Ecuador. As a poet and scholar committed to crossings, her writing engages in studies of literary criticism, visual culture, and studies of gender and sexuality. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming from Kórima Press’s Anthology of Queer Latina Voices, The Chiricú Journal, Hematopoiesis Press, Le Petit Press’s Mo(u)rning/Morning Anthology, and the Journal for Latina Critical Feminism.