紫色的美麗! 山坡是小天使的滑梯 塌落的圍牆是時間的腳印 老舊的茅屋是豐收後的雕塑 牽牛花將它們 一一漆成紫色的美龐 勤勞的菜園是農夫的希望 熱鬧的市場是媽媽的尋夢園 豐富的晚餐是一家人的幸福 茄子們用紫色 一一編織生活的快樂 紫色的美麗是照耀童年的太陽 紫色的快樂是温暖童年的月亮 THE BEAUTY OF PURPLE The hillsides are the slides of little angels The collapsed fences are the footprints of time The old thatched cottages are the sculptures after the great harvests Morning glories 一一Paint them purple beauty The diligent vegetable gardens are farmers’ hopes The bustling markets are mothers’ dream gardens The abundant supper is the happiness of a whole family The eggplants use purple 一一Weaving the life joy Beauty of purple is the Sun which...
  • 5 octubre, 2020
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