Pratyusha Sarkar

1.   Dignity is an infatuation*   Evermore, for being well Runway of life packs off From unknown   Not a grief But a flying recipe in fingertips I’ve discovered all astonishments In your breast   And then it will rain By crossing all visible distances We’ll write the epitaphs of success       2.   You have crushed the bow-breaking bet earlier There was no blood in my kiss   If there is any capsule for love I would like to draw a moisted sleep Half the...
  • septiembre 21, 2020
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Unfinished evermore    From every corner, you know I came across the strikes. Aimed and fought Fought for the desponded soul. A sullen desert equipped my vims, Fallen asleep Dreamt of the lanes At every monsoon where we met That lichened lanes Those spectral vines Emerged my shells with enamored urge. You kept quiet Much adorable peace, Nightmare ruled I came across the strikes! Unrevealed    A merchant wind Pierced beyond my dream, Cultivating black fever.   I could stop reaching the world Pivoted merryland catch by dreams Worship...
  • septiembre 13, 2020
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