Dignity is an infatuation*
Evermore, for being well
Runway of life packs off
From unknown
Not a grief
But a flying recipe in fingertips
I’ve discovered all astonishments
In your breast
And then it will rain
By crossing all visible distances
We’ll write the epitaphs of success
You have crushed the bow-breaking bet earlier
There was no blood in my kiss
If there is any capsule for love
I would like to draw a moisted sleep
Half the world and half the attic
Yield a new birth in your eyelids
Every proposals are hidden
Alliance upholds mystical lesions
Coverts in solitary seed,
At a corner of a ruined city
That Chapman proffered me sunbeams
I tied the handkerchief
I touched the stone
And saturated body of words…
Here comes the pleasure
At least where the winter shriks
If I paint dreams in your eyes
The crowd in front (of) me reduces
This crowd does not mean
Just a million (of) heads
Which I wish to count.
It’s like the earth has fallen down the hills
Sky dwells in your eyes
And the magic boats too!
I noticed for a long time
From the bottom of stairs
The sun is regenerated on that side of glass.
Whether anyone knows or not
When hills alight in your body
Poetry becomes fire…
Wilfully, anguishes create a universe
throughout my sphere
The pai-graph of my existence get visible
‘round my cheeks,
I stick to multiply divisibility on unseasonable manner
Yet, I often went astray
When the birds return to harbor
Urban mist rushes on my side
And each sleep by any molecular bed
Comes with a new probability…

*Translated pieces from the Collection of Saikat Ghosh’s poems by Pratyusha Sarkar

Saikat Ghosh (January 17, 1990. Naihati, West Bengal). Saikat likes to pen poetry by giving up the actual definition to inflect a new dimension. The spread of poetry in his eyes is just like zero to infinity. Besides a poet, he is an engineer. In his mosaic professional life he made his career by working in IT sector, writing scripts in film and also involved himself as a freelance writer in daily newspapers. Currently, he is associated with teaching. Even Saikat Ghosh is a well known lyricist of Bengali songs in these days. His notable works are ‘Jarasandher Bichhana’, ‘Ghumanta Prithibir Replica’, ‘Balighari O Marilyn’, ‘Bilupta Pakhider Callertune’, ‘Torricellir Sunnosthan’, ‘Kolkatar Selfie’ etc. From these collections Pratyusha Sarkar has chosen few poems and made their translation.
Pratyusha likes to discover a new world in her writings. Besides a translator, she is a poet and author. She writes in both Bengali and English language. By translating the poetry of Saikat Ghosh in English she wants to spread a new recipe throughout the world. Her passion is to find different aspects of life in painting, reciting, clicking photographs and writing. She was born in Kalyani West Bengal, on January 15th, 1995. She is Honours B.Ed in English Literature. She also has several books in Bengali like “Osomo Baish”, “Osthir Antant”, “Iswar Thori Na Dekhchen”, “Bristi Ranger Nakchabi” etc… “The Casement of Life” brings a new journey of both Saikat Ghosh and Pratyusha Sarkar in English Literature.