The great summons招魂曲

Hun hu gui lai! 魂兮归来!
Wu yuan you xi!无远游兮!
Come home, my Child回家吧,我的孩子
No more wandering in the wild别在荒野里游荡
Come home, Soul回家吧,孤魂
The four directions are closed八方的路早已绝断
To the east the sea is rising东面–大海暴涨
To the west mountains are falling西方–群山崩塌
To the south beasts flee the jungle南面–走兽逃遁深山
To the north storms howl to the midnight moon北方–风暴向残月挑战

Oh tender Mazu, Maiden of Silence啊,温柔的妈祖,沉静的默娘
Hear the plea of your suppliant children请听你孩子的哀号
Our bones shatter upon the rocks我们的骨骼在山岩上粉碎
Our souls scatter across the ocean我们的魂魄在大海上飘荡
Nothing is left of us我们一无所有
Only an eye facing East from the sea floor只剩一对眼睛从海底向东方凝望
A breath drifting from shore to shore一丝不断的气息沿着海岸漂流
Oh Mazu, Mother of Mercy妈祖,慈悲的母亲
Please shine your light on the murky sea请照亮这浑浊的大海
Take us home under the dragon eye tree把我们带回龙眼树的故乡
Oh we sweep, sweeping, with thrashing oars划啊,我们举浆划船
We will not rest till we reach the land of yellow earth不吃不喝,直划达那黄土堆积的海岸

Hun hu gui lai!魂兮归来!
Wu yuan you xi!无远游兮!
Come home, Soul回家吧,孤魂
The wind is blowing from the North Pole 风已从北极过来
All dreams are not your dreams世间的梦不是你们的梦
All desires are not your desires世间的欲望不再属于你们
Empty your eyes, unfulfilled, restless抛弃眼里的躁动和失望
Empty your hearts for the new moon让新月流入你的心
Oh Soul, my lost Child啊,孤魂,我迷途的孩儿
Home is a bowl of spiced soup家,是一碗香浓的汁汤
Sweet only to the hearts that cup it tight只有珍惜,才品得出那甘美的馨香

Mazu, our Maiden of Silence妈祖,宁静的默娘
Goddess of the Sea南海的女神
You were born without a cry您降生时没有哭声
You left this world so we could live您早离人间,让我们生息繁衍
How many boats have you pulled from the raging sea?怒海沉浮,您拉出多少危船孤舟?
How many bodies have you lifted with a tender hand? 温柔的手,托起多少哀号的魂魄?
Mazu, Maiden of Bright Eyes妈祖,您明亮的眼睛
Please see the praying of your wretched children请看一看苦难的孩子
In the foaming waves, a pining soul在汹涌泡沫里,一点孤魂
A spirit listless until it reaches the shore闪闪遥遥,漂往故乡
Oh sweep, we sweep with our thrashing oars啊,划呀,我们举桨划呀,
We will not rest till we reach the land of dragon不吃不喝,直划到龙的故乡

Hun hu gui lai!魂兮归来!
Wu yuan you xi! 无远游兮!
Come back, Soul归来吧,孤魂
No more drifting from pole to pole 别再四处游荡
All currents run from heaven to earth所有的瀑流都自天而降
All streams flow from mountains to sea所有的溪水从山林奔向大海
Oh Soul, my lost Child孤魂啊,我那迷路的孩儿
Hear the call of the Silent Maiden快聆听默娘的呼唤
Come home to the cup of nectar回家吧,饮一杯家乡的甘露
Do not move, let the rain speak 不要动,让雨点细细诉说
Let the moon rise from the dark sea让沉沉夜海
From the eastern shore把明月托出东岸
Ten thousand waves call your name让万顷波浪把你的姓名呼唤
From the midnight sky夜半星空
The Big Dipper points your path让北斗指引你的航线

Oh benevolent Mazu啊,大慈大悲的妈祖
Virgin Mother of the Sea圣洁的海神
Our tears soak your lovely face我们的泪水湿透的您的面颊
Our breath follows your willow waist我们的气息萦绕着您的纤腰
How do you stop a horse from running wild?谁能挽住那狂奔的野马
How do you appease the pining of a lost child?谁能抚慰那游子浪迹天涯?
This mist is not our mist雾非雾
This dream not our dream梦非梦
Oh, home, a foam on the wild, wild sea啊,家乡,沧海的一滴泡沫
With thrashing oars we sweep, sweeping划啊,我们举桨奋划
We will not rest until we reach the land of lichee不吃不喝,故乡的荔枝就要开花

Hun xi gui lai!魂兮归来!
Wu yuan you xi!无远游兮!
Come with me, my Child跟我来吧,孩子
Rise from the rocks under the sea从海底的岩石上站起
Hang your eyes on the sail of my sleeves将你的眼睛挂在我袖帆
The way is open on the murky path浑浊的航路已经打开
Ten thousand waves take us to the shore万顷波涛把我们托上海岸
Home will arrive under our feet家就在我们的脚下
When we go down on the knees当我们双膝跪地
A prayer lingering in our thin breath当祈祷萦绕我们的唇边

Mazu, literally “Mother-Ancestor”, is the indigenous goddess of the sea who protects fishermen and sailors, and is invoked as the goddess who protects East Asians who are associated with the ocean. Her mortal name is Lin Moniang She was born in the tenth century. As a baby, she never cried, hence she was named moniang—silent maiden.
She is widely worshipped in the south-eastern coastal areas of China and neighbouring areas in Southeast Asia, especially Zhejiang, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, and Vietnam, all of which have strong sea-faring traditions, as well as migrant communities elsewhere with sizeable populations from these areas.


Hun xi gui lai!
Wu yuan you xi!
Come home Soul!
No more wandering far!

These two lines are taken from Qu Yuan’s Zhao Hun (Summoning of Souls) with slight moderations.

Wang Ping is a poet, writer, photographer, performance and multimedia artist. Her publications have been translated into multiple languages and include poetry, short stories, novels, cultural studies, and children’s stories. Her multimedia exhibitions address global themes of industrialization, the environment, interdependency, and the people. She is the recipient of numerous awards, a professor of English, and founder of the Kinship of Rivers project. Learn more about the poet on her website: