Unfinished evermore 
From every corner, you know
I came across the strikes.
Aimed and fought
Fought for the desponded soul.
A sullen desert equipped my vims,
Fallen asleep
Dreamt of the lanes
At every monsoon where we met
That lichened lanes
Those spectral vines
Emerged my shells with enamored urge.
You kept quiet
Much adorable peace,
Nightmare ruled
I came across the strikes!

A merchant wind
Pierced beyond my dream,
Cultivating black fever.
I could stop reaching the world
Pivoted merryland catch by dreams
Worship silver face,
Beauty and sunbeams.

An unfinished era deflects
It never hopped on clusters
Where ocean cuddles the morn
Reptiles perish and torn.
The vigorous crotchets persuade
Meanwhile destiny bothers
Redundant toys fertile
And warrior certifies sky.
I met moon on that road
Fortune kissed my clefts
Pivotal scenes dwindled
Darned plots amply shredded.

They can blame my pen
Can take apart all truths,
The silence which they hacked
Has tolerated all these means.
The chapters plumbed for death
The debated laws were pitched
I should stretch my love
And should run all ink.
Morning proves my name
Aspersers intrigued way
The more they bring down me
Wisdom uplifts dreams.

Pratyusha Sarkar, from West Bengal, India. Born on January 15th, 1995. She likes to pen poetry by giving up the actual definition to inflect a new dimension. The spread of poetry in her eyes is just like to discover a new world. She writes in both Bengali and English language. Her first poetry book was published in 2018, second one in 2019 and the third is “Iswar Thodi Na Dekhchen” which has gained much popularity in Kolkata International Book Fair 2020. Her recent story book “Bristi Ranger Nakchabi” is published to contribute the amount for the attack of Covid and Amphan in College Street, Kolkata. One of her popular work, specially in social media is “Anticlock” a dark psychological thriller novel written in facebook in this lockdown period from May 3rd to June 3rd. She has written in several well-known Bengali and English magazines throughout India. Besides writingshe is a well-known voice artist. Rabindranath Tagore is her one and only inspiration.